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How to Survive the Treadmill

Thanks to this wonderful Chicago winter (we’re getting another 6-8 inches of snow today) I have had to take the majority of my half marathon training runs to the treadmill. I definitely didn’t think that one through when I registered for a March half marathon. Anyhoo….it honestly hasn’t been THAT bad. In fact, I feel like it has helped me work on speed because I can set the treadmill to the exact pace I want. Hopefully that speed translates to the road.

Here are some of my tips to surviving the treadmill.

1.) Always cover the display with a towel. When I first started running on the treadmill I would watch the seconds tick away. DON’T do this! Trust me. Nothing is slower than watching seconds tick away on a treadmill.

2.) Have everything you need near you while you run. For me, that includes my phone and water. Water is important, yes, but many times my phone has been my savior. When I’m struggling I start texting my friends how much it sucks, why I’m doing it, etc. and they ALWAYS come back with a text that motivates me to keep going. Of course, being a social media addict, I check Instagram and Facebook while I’m running. So often I will see other people post about their runs and workouts and it motivates me to stop complaining and KEEP RUNNING.

3.) If you have a TV by your treadmill use it. I was an entire season behind on Grey’s Anatomy and used my Saturday long runs as a way to get caught up. That’s right. This momma actually looked forward to those treadmill runs. Over an hour of no husband and no child asking for things or interrupting me. Moms-you can understand this. Over an hour of pure alone time! It’s bliss let me tell you.

4.) If you don’t have the luxury of having a TV near your treadmill create a kick butt play list. Spend some time on this. Think about songs that really motivate you and pump you up. Make sure the playlist is longer than your actual run so you don’t repeat any songs (unless you want to of course). Don’t forget to change out your playlist. If you listen to the same songs week after week they might not motivate you the way they originally did. Keep the playlist fresh.

5.) Let your thoughts carry you away. This is not always so easy for me. Many times I get caught up thinking about the run, but if you can get past that and think about life, family, things you want to do, goals you want to accomplish, the run will go by just a little faster. Sometimes I even picture myself racing across the finish line and it motivates me to keep going.

6.) If you can’t get #6 to work…..think about what you’re going to eat after your run. That always works, I promise! 🙂

7.) Remember, the first few miles are the hardest. Literally the first 3 miles of a treadmill run I always want to stop. I curse at myself and ask myself why I’m doing it. Then, after mile 3 it’s like a light switch is flipped and the run suddenly becomes easier. What I’m saying is-don’t give up.

Here is a picture of my workout room in my house. It has been a work in progress but I love it!


What are your tips to survive a treadmill run? How about a bad/hard run in general?

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