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Husbands & Running Gear

Hellloooo friends! Hope your Monday was nice to you. Mine not so much but I won’t bore you with those details. The weekend, however, was freakin fabulous!! Saturday was the Fast Cat 5K which was a local run that supported the high school track and cross country teams. It’s my first time running this race and it was pretty cool because the route was literally in my back yard. It’s not often you get to race on the actual roads you run on for fun! It was a beautiful sunny day and the temps were not that bad. Apparently all the stars were aligned because this girl scored a PR and 2nd in my age group! I had my lucky charm with me which I think makes all the difference!


And here is the obligatory finish line picture. Finish lines really are the best.


I nag my husband all the time about running in proper shoes. He doesn’t run much anymore because his knees hurt, however I told him he could probably cut down on a lot of his knee pain if he would get fitted for the right running shoe. He listens to me go on and on about running shoes, compression socks, compression sleeves, etc, etc, etc. His eyes quickly gloss over and I get a lot of “mmm hmm’s.” Several months ago he promised me he would pick 1 race this year and run it with me. I have been bugging him about it ever since. He finally agreed on Sunday to go to our local running store and get fitted for a pair of running shoes. So we go in and they go through the process of watching him on the treadmill and all that other good stuff. It was like music to my ears when the salesperson said “these are the shoes you have been running in; that is really bad.” Now why do people (mainly my husband) just not listen to me?!?! Then they started talking to him about the benefits of compression socks and sleeves. I was dying laughing. I really think he wanted to tell the chick that he hears it enough from me. As you can see, I got a lot of satisfaction out of this. He ended up with these Saucony’s. It’s like treason for this Mizuno lover but I think he was determined to get anything other than what I wear. Men.


The race we will be running together is the Plainfield Harvest 5K in September. Any bets on who will win!?!? 🙂

So I get asked all the time about the compression socks I wear. I have them featured on my favorite products link but I will post about them again here. The ones I wear are Pro Compression. I love them. That is probably obvious if you have ever seen any of my running pictures on Instagram. Go to their website, click on products, then marathon socks. Check out their socks of the month for April. If you see one that meets your fancy, use the code SOM4for 40% off. Of course I headed over to their website today and got the powder blue ones. They are just what a girl needs for spring running. I promise. As an added bonus, this month, if you buy the purple sock of the month Pro Compression will donate $1 to Team in Training, and if you buy the powder blue sock of the month, they will donate $1 to Train 4 Autism. Even better when your purchase goes for a good cause!

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a FREE entry to a Spartan Race of your choice! It ends tomorrow!

Tell me, does your spouse or significant other run with you? Do they get tired of you blabbering about running gear? What are your go to products when it comes to running?

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