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Shower Remodel Ideas

Before you start your shower, remodel you should take a good look at your bathroom to get some bathroom remodel ideas and write them down. Next, you need to figure out your budget. You do not want to get mid-way into your project and find you have no money to finish. Once you have those two things done, you also need to make sure that you have the colors you want to use and the type of shower you want. Take time to go to a home improvement store and price the items you need. If you cannot do some or all of the work yourself then, you need to figure into your budget the cost of hiring a professional.

Here are some things to consider when writing down your shower remodel ideas.

  • Determine if you need to remove the old shower stall
  • Do you want a door or go doorless?
  • Consider any special accessories and requirements, like how you would like the shower to function, is there a need for a shower chair, do you need a corner caddy, etc.
  • Choose the type of shower base you need
  • What kind of walls you need
  • What shape are the walls where the shower is going

Bath remodel ideas

There are so many different shower remodel ideas the only limit is your budget. Take the time to look at these different ways you can renovate and then look at your bathroom to see if they would work. Here is some shower remodel ideas to get you started on your remodeling project.

  1. Use different tiles for the wall and floor to enhance the beauty of the shower. Remember, when you walk into your bathroom, the shower is usually the focal point of the room. Light-color tiles will help to make a soothing space and make it look larger or dark-colored tiles for a lovely looking shower, but they can make the shower look smaller. Just choose tiles that will go with the rest of the bathroom. For a funky looking bathrooms use vibrant or contrasting color tiles.
  2. Use a walk-in shower if you have a small bathroom, but they do look equally classy and elegant in larger bathrooms. If you have a corner of your bathroom that is not being used, use a semi-circular or curved walk-in shower. You could also use a semi-transparent shower with LED lights at the base of a modern shower,
  3. Spa bathroom shower for a large bathroom which includes a transparent shower enclosure with a limestone bench and multiple body sprays and brown mosaic tiles divided with a black tile border
  4. Doorless showers come with an adjustable height and for a dripping bathing experience use a rain shower.
  5. Make your shower a private getaway by putting a tile bench where you can sit, meditate, and picture relaxing on a beach in The Bahamas. Use white shower tiles with blue and gray effects.
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